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“I am in my 40’s and have always had a concern with pigmentation. I recently tried the Brighten pack and have been really impressed with the results! My skin tone has significantly improved and looks a lot more even now and I feel hydrated all day long. I will certainly be using this as part […]

“I have seen a dramatic change in the brightness, clarity and overall tone of my skin. The retinol serum is not irritating and gives me a smooth, refined feel to my skin along with relieving my congestion through the T-zone. I normally hate sunscreens as they are too thick and feel greasy under makeup but […]

“In just two weeks my skin looks so good, I cant believe it. My skin feels smooth, it’s colour is even, my pores look smaller, I look fresh and really hydrated. People keep asking me what I have done to my skin.” – Amber

“I read the article in The Age and bought the product for my daughter. After using it for three days she said to me “Mum, I am so excited, I am going out and I hardly have any make up on”. I then put my son onto it, and I’m now using it myself. I […]

“I have been using the Balense skin care range for three weeks and I LOVE IT! I have already seen fantastic changes! My skin has always been to sensitive for exfoliants, and very congestion prone! Now I can exfoliate as much as my skin needs and my breakouts have changed instantly! Over the years, I have tried […]

“My 18 your old son has been suffering with bad breakouts for years. He tried many products. Then he tried the Spot Control Serum. In a matter of days he had noticed a great visible improvement in just one week he had noticed he had at least a 90% reduction in the appearance of pimples. […]



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